For the Personal Attention of Ms Jennifer Stoddart

August 2, 2008

Help Simbai Mukusha get justice from his persecutors


Open message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mayor of Toronto John Tory, Ontario Premier Kathleen W




Please don't waste government time and resource by dutifully applying your competences in serving niggas. Untill we get baboons and monkeys to to provide services worthy of niggas; don't waste your years of training and competence in giving usable service to niggas. Be your most incompetent selves when serving niggas

Please don’t waste government time and resource by dutifully applying your competences in serving niggas. Untill we get baboons and monkeys to to provide services worthy of niggas; don’t waste your years of training and competence in giving usable service to niggas. Be your most incompetent selves when serving niggas





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An idiot’s idea of smart government





For the Personal Attention of Ms  Jennifer  Stoddart

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Fax: (613) 947-6850

Sent by Fax


Follow-up to Lack  of Response to Complaint on the way my case is being handled: Case No: File: XXXXX and Request for Case Update


I am kindly requesting an detailed update on the status of my complaint against UPS.  On March 12, 2008 I sent in an email an detailing my dissatisfaction on the handling of my case by Ms XXXXX. The email was unresponded to for over a month and I sent a fresh complaint by registered mail for your personal attention on the 26th of March , 2008.  Canada Post details for proof of the letter are as follows: Registered mail details  Item Number;  XXXXX                    Delivery Date (yyyy/mm/dd);   2008/03/28, and Signatory Name;   XXXXX


After I sent the registered letter got to your office, I received a very partial and patently inadequate evasive response  to my complaint from someone from your office. The letter was over-accommodating on irrelevant issues and silent and ignoring the critical and paramount issues of my complaint.


Please could you kindly attend  to the concerns urgently.  I don’t know if the stance and attitude of the response is representative of you Ms  Jennifer  Stoddart.


I am deeply worried by the attitude being displayed as is counter the stance and attitude of politician at whose pleasure you hold office take when they are campaigning for legislative positions.  Am I to interpret the lack of commitment to effect the critical skills and knowledge your officers are supposed to get their jobs by and deliberately excluded the use of those critical skills attitudes and knowledge in dealing with me a sign of racist discrimination. Maybe your officers feel it beyond their qualifications and personal worth to give honest and credible performance to my case because of my ethnicity. I am getting these people feel  demeaned to give service that is according to the expectations of their job descriptions, qualifications and salaries because of my ethnicity.


I am deeply disturbed by the confidence and lack of compunction  your people display in hurting me.


Please could you respond fully according to the best of the skills that got you your job, the concerns and issues raised in my complaints. The  contents of my March 7, 2008 were inserted inside my letter of 26th of March , 2008 and I see no reason why those issues have not been attended to.




Please could you kindly attend  to the concerns urgently


Yours sincerely,



Simbai Mukusha



Sleepless in Silicone Valley : Time to pay the devil what’s due to him!

March 18, 2018

What’s giving Silicone Valley sleepless nights, the fact that dancing with the devil was the only financially sustainable strategy for some idiots to become billionaires!

Satan granted some Silicone Valley idiots their wishes to become billionaire, but there was a catch, Satan does does not make anyone a billionaire for free!

Did the idiots read the price tag before accepting Satan’s gifts?

Got a mobile phone or use the internet : You are now a persistent person of interest in criminal investigations and privacy data whores!

March 18, 2018

To find suspects, Raleigh police quietly turn to Google ::

Google logs all the WiFi networks that tracking-enabled Android phones come in contact with, and all the data harvesting "free WiFi hotspots" collect the data for monetisation on all WiFi devices that they can discover their routers. A WiFi device that is discoverable by WiFi networks will leave a digital footprint that is clearly visible to privacy data whores like Facebook and Google. Your personal identifiable information is continuously broadcasted by WiFi devices and being traded to anyone interested in tracking and profiling you for fun or profit and law enforcement agencies for lawful or malicious persecution purposes.

That should be a resourceful avenue for private investigators 😉

Zero room complacency

March 18, 2018

Satan, Facebook, Google and all the other demonic forces have one point of strength that no person is consistently vigilant.

The forces of even never give up trying because it only takes a millionth of a second for them to destroy years of due diligence and perseverance in a flash, when one is tired or distracted or overwhelmed or overloaded or confused or mislead or deceived.

The forces of Satan and evil aim to overburden overwhelm and exhaust your defences and before you realize it, a lifetime of dedication is blown aware.

One need every bit of positive support, and never allow any complacency by letting anything get added onto your attack surface. Always strive to decrease your attack surface.

Keep well and safe, God bless.

Trump and the false Christians

March 17, 2018

Commentary Donald Trump is faithless to commitments and individuals. How can believers who condemn false witness support him – The Salt Lake Tribune

2018 world happiness index

March 17, 2018

Why is Botswana’s position that low? Botswana’s position is lower than Zimbabwe.

One would have expected Zimbabwe to be in bottom position.


Exploited Facebook to harvest millions of people’s profiles. And built models to exploit what we knew about th em and target their inner demons

March 17, 2018

Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach

Intellectual curiosity: Is Google Making Us Stupid – The Atlantic

March 16, 2018

Small government summit: Crook or idiot part 2

March 11, 2018

Kim chairs US – North Korea summit, and also provides the two interpretors, Trump is the only American in the room!

You will notice a pattern emerging in Trump’s administration’s MO, this has already been tried in Trump’s meeting with Putin and the Russian foreign minister and Tillerson in his summit with the Turkish president!

Stormy Daniels v Donald Trump: E-mail that shows that throughout the negotiation period, Trump attorney, Cohn, w as negotiating on the president’s behalf

March 10, 2018

How to opt out of Facebook data sharing iMore

March 10, 2018